Saputo takes Cathedral City to US


Saputo Dairy UK has announced the launch of its Cathedral City brand in the US.

The subsidiary of the Canadian dairy major has taken the UK favourite to Canada earlier this year.

Saputo Dairy UK said it has started to secure listings for Cathedral City in national retailers in the US, with the cheddar is expected to be on sale in over 2,000 stores by the Thanksgiving holiday in November.

“With the successful launch of Cathedral City in Canada under our belt, we are now eager to distribute our Great British export more widely across North America,” commented Adam Braithwaite, commercial director of Saputo Dairy UK.

The cheese will continue to be made in Cornwall with milk collected from local farms, before being packed and shipped across the Atlantic.

The brand will get a premium packaging designed specifically with American customers in mind. It will showcase the brand’s Royal Warrant alongside the Union flag to emphasise its British heritage.

The launch is being promoted by a media campaign, including an 8,500 square foot digital billboard standing 18 stories tall in Times Square in New York, as well as in-store signage and promotions.