Kervan Gida’s ambitious growth strategy continues with two senior appointments

Enes Başar, Managing Director, Kervan Gida UK

Bebeto confectionery brand owner Kervan Gida Group’s UK business has grown from a start-up in 2015 to a business with +58 per cent growth in 2021 and annual sales of over £20 million. 2022 sales are already up +20 per cent (YTD), according to internal quarterly sales data.

Kervan Gida is now embarking on a bold new growth plan, with two senior appointments and a €23.5 million acquisition of a Polish confectionery company – on the back its sUK TV campaign debut (which ran in the summer of 2021), “Everything’s Bebetter with Bebeto”.

As of May 2022, Enes Başar is named Managing Director of Kervan Gida UK. Following in the footsteps of his father (Sukru Başar – Kervan Gida Chairman), Enes joined the business, in Istanbul, after finishing high school. In his early years with the company, he studied for an Industrial Engineering degree before taking over the responsibility for managing and improving efficiencies in the supply chain, production, accountancy, and export departments. In 2017 Enes moved to England, it was at this time he got to work closely with the former Kervan Gida UK MD, Stuart Johnston, tounderstand the UK business culture.

Phil Hulme, Commercial Director, Bebeto UK

Whilst Enes leads Kervan’s UK business growth, its fast-growing confectionery brand, Bebeto,  has seen Phil Hulme appointed as Commercial Director. Phil brings with him 14 years of confectionery experience and over 20 years in FMCG. Previous appointments include positions with Danone, Katjes, and Kinnerton Confectionery. Since joining the business, Phil has focused on increasing Bebeto’s UK sales turnover and share within the grocery sector, as well as developing new routes to market via branded ranges and private label offerings.

“Change and evolution are key to growth,” says Enes. “It’s an exciting time as I work closer with Phil, drawing on his wealth of industry experience and knowledge. I am confident Phil will continue to support our business with his invaluable insight and vision to intensify our efforts in successfully growing the brand.

“Having achieved year-on-year growth since it opened in 2015, the UK office now distributes the Bebeto and Dexters brands to over 12,000 retailers nationwide. It has established itself as one of our leading suppliers of confectionery and has competitive plans to maintain this position.”