Fleetmaxx Solutions and Confex confirm partnership deal


Fuel card providers Fleetmaxx Solutions has confirmed a new partnership with buying group Confex to help support their wholesale members who trade across retail and more.

Confex is a family-run buying group with a successful 48-year history, its trading experts negotiate terms, rebates, pricing, and promotions with more than 200 suppliers scross all product categories.

Managing director of Confex, Tom Gittins, said that the impact of the coronavirus lockdown has been devastating, saying: “Many of our members trade with hospitality and retailers and deliver grocery, soft drinks, snacks and confectionery. They typically supply 65% hospitality and 35% retail across the nation.”

He added: “That’s why this partnership with is going to help them with their fuel costs so they can continue doing what they do best.”

Lower fuel costs help reduce paperwork and administration down to one weekly invoice meaning up to two weeks of free credit before direct debit payment.

Tom Chambers, business development manager at Feeltmaxx Solutions, said: “We believe in delivering real savings. Confex now have access to discount diesel throughout the UK, and preferential rates on bulk fuel and AdBlue.

“Our fuel cards offer a typical saving of up to 10p per litre on national average pump prices.

“When a Confex member picks any of our comprehensive range of commercial rate fuel cards, there are no transaction charges, network fees or other surcharges. With other suppliers, you can expect £2 or more to be added to the bill with each refuel.”

Steve Clarke, marketing manager at Fleetmaxx Solutions, welcomed the new Strategic Partnership Programme, which is free to join.

He said: “I am positive that working together will help all of us do a little better. Together, as partners, we are looking forward to the future.”

Fleetmaxx Solutions is also offering Confex Members a 10% discount on the installation of all tracking, telematics and vehicle camera products, Fleetloc8 and its Fleetvision range of vehicle cameras.