7UP moves to clear bottles


This summer, several 7UP bottles (375ml, 500ml & 600ml) will transition from their existing green colour to clear PET for the first time. The move is driven by Britvic and PepsiCo’s commitment to ensure that all PET bottles are optimised for a Circular Packaging Economy, whereby they can be recycled into rPET material before becoming new bottles, as a first step in the journey, including the commitment to change to 100 per cent rPET bottles by October 2021. Britvic’s research has found that 40 per cent of consumers would be more likely to recycle 7UP in a clear bottle, helping achieve this goal.

The move will run across 7UP Regular, 7UP Free and 7UP Free Cherry, with the labels also undergoing a refresh. The new look will highlight its much-loved fruit flavours, with 50% larger lemon and lime imagery, and clear sustainability messaging. This will be shown with a prominent “double arrow” logo announcing the 100 per cent recyclable bottle message* on the front of the label, and the wording, “Clearly 100% Recyclable. Clearly 7UP” on the reverse side.

The new look will also help encourage trial among new shoppers. One in four consumers perceive the clear bottle as an improvement in taste, and almost a third of consumers state they’d be more likely to buy 7UP in a clear bottle .

“As our greenest 7UP bottle yet, the move should increase the likelihood that people will recycle the bottle effectively, and the updated design also brings the sustainability messaging front and centre, so consumers are confident in their recycling decisions,” said Tom Fiennes, GB commercial sustainability director, Britvic

Across the summer, 7UP will also be visible across digital, PR, OOH and in-store.


* At present only the bottle and the cap are recyclable, so the label must be removed before recycling