VOA seeks views on greater disclosure of business rates valuation information

Bromley High Street in Bromley, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/File Photo)

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has launched a consultation on the proposals to disclose more information by the agency on business rates valuations.

The VOA is responsible for setting the ‘rateable value’ of a property in England or Wales, which is used by the local councils to calculate the business rates for the property.

The proposals include having access to an analysis of the evidence used to calculate the rateable value of the property and an explanation of how evidence has been used.

The proposed changes follow the government’s review of the business rates system.

The agency welcomed views from ratepayers (including occupiers or tenants of non-domestic properties who do not pay business rates due to reliefs), landlords, rating agents, business representative bodies, local authorities and other stakeholders interested in the business rates system.

“We already know that different groups might want different levels of information. Make sure to have your say, so we know what you think,” the VOA said in a statement.

“This consultation will help ministers decide how to proceed. It will ensure any decisions made are informed by the input and views of a broad range of people.”

The consultation closes on 7 June 2023.