Treasury Wine Estates introduces “The Deported”, coffee-infused red


Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has unveiled a brand-new addition to its high performing 19 Crimes portfolio. 19 Crimes is the UK’s first leading brand to launch a coffee blended wine, 19 Crimes Red infused with a shot of Cold Brew Coffee. The new bold and defiant variant to join the 19 Crimes range demonstrates the brands ambition to push the boundaries within the wine category and recruit a new diverse set of consumers. The brand has continued to achieve strong performance growth of 140 per cent in volume and value vs YA.

19 Crimes introduces a new member, Thomas Delany, into the cast of roguish characters, who will be the face of the new bottle. The blend is well-crafted balance of wine infused with a dash of freshly roasted Colombian cold brew coffee. Ben Blake, Head of Marketing EMEA at Treasury Wine Estates, says: “As the UK’s #1 Millennial Wine Brand, 19 Crimes has been a key focus area for us as it continues to perform strongly and drive disruption in the wine category.

“Consumers are constantly looking for new and exciting products within the category and we’ve seen that under 35’s are intrigued by wine fusion products3 whilst 55 per cent of global consumers say they’re interested in trying the newest flavours and fragrances. By blurring the categories and crossing into new territories, we’re confident this new proposition will ignite consumers interest to further discover the category and try new flavours and innovations.”

The Deported Coffee Infused Red wine will be available from April across grocers, independent retailers and in wholesalers. RRP £10.