Top 3 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Account


LinkedIn is a platform that has quickly become the best network for entrepreneurs and job seekers. Not everyone knows that this place is much more than just a job board. LI is a real social network, but there is one feature here: everything here is about work, new professional knowledge and expertise. No daily selfies, funny videos and empty discussions, only useful information and opportunities for professional use.

Why do companies join LI? At least in order to find excellent specialists and hire new employees, as a maximum – to promote services or goods. It doesn’t matter which of these tasks is in front of you, the main thing is to know how to achieve success. In this article, we will share three of the best marketing tips to make your professional page better than ever.

  • Use paid Incentives

If you’ve been in business for a long time, then you know one main rule – you need to pay for an excellent result. It’s true, no successful entrepreneur has ever been able to achieve heights without investment. It’s the same on LI. Do you want to grow quickly and attract a new audience to your business page? It’s time to start investing.

The best time to buy boosts is the very beginning of your journey, but to be honest, you can get additional incentives at any stage of promotion. Most often, entrepreneurs need help to improve the visibility of their company’s page. This is easy to do by buying accounts : You can use them in different ways: someone prefers to share their company’s publications using purchased pages, someone sends more interactions to the main page, and someone personalizes purchased profiles for their business. 

It is noteworthy that paid accounts are cheap, but nevertheless real, previously they belonged to verified users, not bots and fakes.This incentive is just one of many, if you want to get other interactions, study all the services in the LI section and choose the best for yourself.

  • Post regularly 

No matter what anyone says, the company’s activity on the platform is one of the keys to success and rapid growth. Users who visit this site every day want not only to find a dream job, but also to gain new useful knowledge. It can be anything from work ethics to the principles of your business. You can also share what steps to take to make your company decent, if you’re a specialist in this.

Show your expertise and demonstrate the company from the best side. But sometimes entertaining content doesn’t hurt either – something like “funny cases in the office”, people like that as well.

Keep in mind that your publications must be regular, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Create a content plan for a week/month and follow it. It may be difficult at first, but then you get used to it. If necessary, you can also hire a content maker and delegate these tasks to a specialist.

  • Engage your employees 

Encourage employees to connect to LI, expand the company page and make it more presentable. Involve them in the process of creating the visibility of the profile, they can help in creating content, talk about your business on their personal pages and establish professional connections with your brand. 

The more employee interactions with your brand, the higher the profile in the search query by keywords and name. Good luck!