The Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller


Perks of becoming a high-roller

A casino player who consistently plays for a high amount of money can increase the net profit of the casino significantly. Such players are called high-rollers. Casinos are always trying to attract these high-rollers, aka whales, through privileges that a regular casino player can only dream of. Do you want to know how you can enjoy the benefits of being a high-roller player? Read to find out!

VIP bonuses

While many online casinos offer welcome bonuses and exclusive promotional bonuses, none of them compare to the deals they have saved for high-rollers. Whales can get many times the cash bonus on their deposit than a regular player, more loyalty points for each stake, and also birthday and anniversary bonuses.

Luxury accommodation

The best way for a casino to ensure that other casinos do not attract a high-roller on the strip is to offer him a luxury suite on their property. Imagine being welcomed with a champagne bottle in a splendid suite you do not need to pay for? Most instant casinos offer such deals so that their patrons can genuinely feel appreciated.

Exclusive games

As soon as an online casino launches a new game, regular players rush to try it out. High-rollers do not need to be in a queue for their turn. Often, they get invited to try the game even before it gets debuted for the public. As a VIP player, you not only get to try all the new games but also get individual tables that the regular players do not have access to.

VIP events

Do not miss the exclusive events you can be a part of by enjoying the privilege offered to VIP players. Backstage passes, major pool parties, incredible concerts, and famous mansions are only some of such invites you can get. As a high-roller, you will get several opportunities to network with some of the most recognised celebrities.

Personalised chances

Most tables have a limit on the maximum amount that you can place. However, a high-roller does not need to worry about that. Where a regular player may only be able to play for 50$ on a table, a high-roller can be allowed to go as high as $20,000.

While different casinos have different rules for this, all a whale needs to do is make the casino aware of its spending intentions and watch the players bend over backwards to ensure that the high-rollers can play for as much as they want. And, obviously, the higher you play for, the higher your potential winnings. A professional gambler, Don Johnson, used his high-roller status to such lengths that he was able to negotiate rules that won him around $15 million in Blackjack.

Special withdrawals

While other players need to deal with low limits on the amount of cash they can withdraw at once, high-rollers get to enjoy limits that are ten times higher than regular players. They also do not have to deal with the long withdrawal times that the other players do.

Luxurious travel

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a casino game, the host can offer a Limousine, luxury private bus, or even a private jet for their high-stakes players. With almost no limits to where you can go and what you can do in these vehicles, this perk is something to be envious.

Credit lines

Extended credit lines allow the whale to keep playing or chasing his losses even after running his account dry. Often, casinos offer their lines of credit to high-stake rollers to ensure that the show does not stop.

Bonus perks

While you can easily find out about the more popular perks, it is the less popular ones that can make a load of difference in improving your overall gambling experience. Some of these are:

  • Designated free parking
  • Casino merchandise
  • Preferential treatment arranged by the casino at other places of interest (like restaurants, spas, etc.) in the city
  • The most delicate liquor and food
  • Cash cards that can cover your shopping expenses up to a limit
  • Dedicated service from the staff

How can you become a high roller?

Now that you know the perks of becoming a high-stakes roller, follow these tips to become one!

  • Get enough loyalty points. Visit the casino’s loyalty page to find out how much is needed
  • Make a large deposit
  • Play big

Visit casino gaming review sites online to understand the other requirements of becoming a high-roller.

You are all prepared now. Go ahead and start playing!