Home Product News The Naked Collective launches plant-based immune boosting ‘Super Drinks’ range

    The Naked Collective launches plant-based immune boosting ‘Super Drinks’ range

    The Naked Collective launches plant-based immune boosting ‘Super Drinks’ range
    The Naked Collection's drinks line-up

    Start-up drinks company The Naked Collective is launching new a collection of vegan-based beverages that aims to appeal to health, conscious consumers.

    Designed to meet the needs of healthy, functional and natural drinks to the UK market, the brand’s portfolio includes signature ‘SuperLiquid’ made entirely from plants, vitamins and water.

    These drinks hare bursting with natural vitamins and minerals, are low sugar, low calorie and clinically proven to improve immune health without compromising on taste.

    The Naked Collective’s first two ranges – Mude and So.Beer – contain only natural ingredients and are made through a unique brewing process that utilises beta-glucan to facilitate quick absorption of the nutrients.

    The Mude range ( of five naturally brewed functional beverages – ImmunoBoost, Sleep, Chill, Play and Work.

    This has been specifically designed to support a positive and desired physical and mental change helping you take control of your day, whether you need a mid-morning kickstart, or an ashwagandha infused moment of calm.

    All Mude drinks are 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives and contain the brand’s signature ‘SuperLiquid’ called Immunoboost, that’s packed with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, from energising B vitamins to immune system-supporting selenium.

    Its ingredients have been proven to protect against the harmful effects of stress, promote healthy energy levels and improve mental clarity.

    The Mude range is complemented by So.Beer, a range of refreshing plant-based alcohol-free lagers with added immune-supporting benefits.

    Mude’s vibrant cans have also been shortlisted at the 2020 UK Packaging Awards in the Metal Pack of the Year category.

    Catherina Butler, CFO and co-founder of The Naked Collective says: “We are delighted to bring our first range of innovative super drinks to the UK market.

    The Naked Collective is doing something new and exciting by tapping into the huge demand for beverages that are genuinely healthy and sustainably produced.”

    Niall Phelan, CEO and co-founder of The Naked Collective adds: “Consumers have never been so invested in preserving their health and protecting the planet, yet the current drinks market lacks choice.

    “In launching Mude and drinks, we meet the need for products that are clean, healthy and natural as well as being great alternatives to alcohol.”

    The Mude and So.Beer ranges are available to buy now at and are coming soon to independent retailers and supermarkets across the UK. The company has partnered with Go 2 Grocery as part of a large UK retail launch later in the year.

    All packaging is highly recyclable which fits in with The Naked Collective’s commitment to the environment and their carbon neutral status.