The Fed increases member numbers

NFRN Head Office at Bede House, Belmont Business Park, Durham (Photo: Google Street View)

The Federation of Independent Retailers said it has seen more than 500 new members join its ranks since January this year.

Previously known as the NFRN, the Fed offers access to a range of benefits, resources and support that can deliver annual savings of up to £4,000.

“We exist to help independent retailers compete more effectively in today’s increasingly tough market. Our ethos is to help independent retailers save money, make money and make it easier to do business,” Narinder Randhawa, national president of the organisation, said.

“That’s why more than 12,000 independent store owners across the UK and Ireland have already joined up – making us one of Europe’s largest retail trade associations.”

As well as offering deals to reduce the costs of fuel, energy and bank card transactions, the Fed provides free legal advice and regular money-off deals with national cash and carry outlets.

Randhawa added: “We don’t just offer great deals, and we’re not just here to help during the good times. We’re a crucial ally when the going gets tough, too.

“We also represent our members’ interests at governmental and parliamentary level. We are the official government referral body for the sector and a powerful voice for the independent retailer.

“As a result, hundreds of independent retailers are recognising the benefits of joining the Fed, and we are confident that this trend will continue.”