A staff member at a Costcutter shop in Birmingham has allegedly been paid in alcohol, with officers now calling for a permanent closure.

West Midlands Police ordered the convenience shop on Great Hampton Row, Newton to shut down in May for three months following alleged shootings and a stabbing outside the premises.

Reports of both firearms were reported in December 2019 and May 2020 while the stabbing was reported in January 2020.

Another incident saw 36-year-old Mekel Sterling shot dead outside in September 2017.

Officers have since called for the shop’s licence held by Abid Ali and Fazal Ali to be revoked, Birmingham City Council was due to review and make a decision at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday, June 29).

PC Abdool Rohomon submitted a letter to the council where he accused the shop of failing to prevent crime and disorder within the area and refusing to handover CCTV footage when asked.

His letter states: “Evidence from officers shows that the premise has been complicit in allowing crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour both in the premise and immediately outside.”

Staff are also suspected to have had weapons on them, including selling alcohol to customers under 18 and drunk shoppers,

Four other complaints about the business from members of the public were also received, citing the Costcutter store a popular hangout place for gangs.