Product Brands That Are Succeeding During the Pandemic


What brands were successful during the pandemic? Discover the most well-known companies that increased sales during the COVID-19 crisis.

The global pandemic caused a significant impact on millions of businesses worldwide. Lots of companies were thriving and were forced to shut down forever because of huge losses. However, there were numerous businesses that faced a boost in sales and profits during the pandemic. So, which companies remain successful even during the COVID-19 crisis? Let’s find out the answers.

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Top Businesses To Succeed During The Pandemic

COVID-19 crisis caused lots of changes in the global economy. Still, many companies had an uptick in sales even in such a tough time for most businesses. Discover who are these lucky beggars and industry leaders below.

Delivery Services

The pandemic made millions of people stay at home. However, every person still needed to buy various types of products regularly. So, which companies were the first ones to benefit from this situation? These are delivery services. The fact is that most customers preferred to get their orders delivered right to the doorstep with no need to visit supermarkets and shopping malls. Therefore, UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub were among the most popular services during the lockdown. Moreover, these industry leaders are likely to be on the rise in the nearest future, too.

Online Retailers

There is nothing new that most people preferred making purchases on Amazon and other famous online retailers rather than visit local shopping centers during the quarantine. Online shopping is still a fast, easy, and safe way to buy all the necessary goods with minimal risks to get COVID-19. By the way, not only the regular customers made more purchases, but online retailers had also attracted thousands of new clients.


Game developing companies had a huge rise in profits during the pandemic. Most people didn’t have a chance to travel, meet friends, and visit public places. Therefore, lots of them just stuck to their gadgets playing various types of games. This means, many customers made purchases in online app stores, as well as tend to spend money for extra functions and options available in their favorite games.

However, online gaming was not the only niche that faced amazing profits. The manufacturers of board games and puzzles had a fantastic boost in sales, too. Big families were forced to stay at home for a long time, so many parents decided to buy board games to entertain each family member. For example, Puzzle Warehouse, one of the leading producers of puzzles worldwide, increased sales by a whopping 2000%!

In-home Workout Solutions

Visiting the gyms were not allowed during the lockdown. Nevertheless, thousands of people still wanted to remain in excellent shape and keep fit. Many people decided to create their individual gyms right at home and bought some equipment for daily workouts. For example, many individuals purchased yoga mats during the lockdown. Furthermore, many customers picked up some paid fitness apps and bought various subscriptions to do the exercises at home.

Online Communication Tools

Millions of people started working from home during the coronavirus crisis. However, the co-workers still needed to keep in touch with each other, communicate, and discuss lots of important issues to remain productive. Online communication has become an inevitable part of the lives of thousands of people in different countries. Messaging, making calls, and arranging online meetings were the most demanding tools for lots of businesses. As for the brands that showed rapid growth during the pandemic, Zoom has become a perfect alternative for communication between the members of big and small teams.

Hand-Sanitizing Products

Keeping safe has become the number one goal for all people globally. One of the ways that reduced the spread of COVID-19 was using hand sanitizing products. Therefore, the manufacturers of sanitizers and wet wipes were among those businesses that continued to succeed even during the quarantine.

All in all, the pandemic changed the lives of millions of people in all countries worldwide. Many individuals lost their jobs and were forced to close their businesses, while others appeared to be incredibly successful. Anyway, the world is not likely to be the same again, so the only thing we can do is to adapt and get used to new environments.