Philadelphia tubs and lids set to be made with recycled plastic


Mondelēz has announced a major packaging innovation for Philadelphia, with the tubs and lids of popular cream cheese brand set to be made with recycled plastic.

The snacking giant said the move represents an important step in its commitment to use 5 percent recycled content across all plastic packaging.

“It is vital to find and implement innovative, viable solutions to help stop plastic from getting into the environment, where it doesn’t belong,” said Vince Gruber, executive vice president and president, Europe for Mondelez International.

“Philadelphia’s anticipated use of recycled material is an important step in limiting this waste while supporting a closed loop system.”

The packs of Philadelphia cream cheese made with recycled plastic will hit shelves in the UK and Europe from 2022. Philadelphia tubs across the UK will feature new recycling labelling information from this summer which will help consumers dispose of the packaging responsibly.

Mondelez has recently announced its plans to make Dairylea Lunchables and Dairylea Snackers packaging with 75 percent recycled PET plastic in the UK.