OGGS® launches Aquafaba, the UK’s first plant-based egg alternative


Vegan food producers OGGS® has created a plant-based egg alternative named Aquafaba, which is set to completely reshape the future of home cooking and baking.

The 100% plant-based, gluten free and low-calorie product is made from chickpea water that comes in a ready-to-pour 200ml recyclable carton.

Available to store up to 12 months in the cupboard, the brown cloudy liquid equivalents to four eggs per pack that can be whipped, whisked and binded just like egg whites.

Cruelty-free, egg-free, OGGS is on a mission to find any ‘hidden animal products’ from any foods to create cooking and baking accessible to as many people as possible.

A spokesperson for OGGS, said: “It’s no secret that we need to make changes to what we consume if we are going to sustain our planet for the future.
“Together lots of small changes, like swapping eggs for OGGS, lead to a much bigger, positive impact on animals and the planet. It’s convenient and consistent, with little personal compromise.

So, more people swapping out eggs for OGGS® will help to reduce food waste, make a positive change for the future of the planet and give chickens the day off. What’s not to love?”

OGGS Aquafaba is available now in Waitrose and The Vegan Kind Supermarket and will be launching in Sainsbury’s from the 23rd September and ASDA later in the year at £2.25.

For any inspiration, hints, tips and vegan friendly recipes created, click here to visit OGGS website.