Nisa rolls out Co-op’s Honest Value range to all retailers

Nisa expanded Co-op's Honest Value range to all retailers

Nisa said Co-op’s Honest Value range has been rolled out to all its retailers, providing a competitive offer for shoppers looking to make savings on their food budget.

The symbol group said the addition of the range will unlock value tier own-brand essentials in core categories crucial to the most value sensitive shoppers, especially as households face increasingly challenging times.

The range gives customers choice on a selection of essentials across categories including fruit, vegetables, ready meals, soft drinks, and dairy, as well as household goods, with great prices for all meal occasions. All products also meet the usual sourcing standards with 100% fresh British meat and Fairtrade.

Initially launched last year with Nisa retailers stocking a set number of Co-op own brand products across the core and Irresistible ranges, Honest Value has now been extended to all retailers in response to the growing demand from shoppers for everyday products at increasingly competitive prices.

“We have seen great success for the Co-op own brand from Nisa partners with more than 90 per cent now participating in the range across all tiers,” Ayaz Alam, Nisa’s trading director, said.

“The need for value is more important than ever before and we want to make sure Nisa partners are well placed to offer their shoppers a choice across all price points but particularly so for the value-conscious shopper.”

The range spans all key categories, covering the core, everyday items that shoppers buy regularly, helping retailers to win these shoppers, gain footfall and basket spend of the budget-minded shopper.

Nisa added that the range will be most relevant to retailers whose stores cater for the most value driven customers. It works best to complement a wider own-brand focus in store and ranged alongside Co-op’s core range which has been designed to be the cornerstone of a convenience offer as part of a good, better, and best approach to ranging.