News UK extends suspension of carriage charge review

Photo: iStock

News UK DTR (Direct to Retail), which supplies nearly 6,000 retail outlets inside the M25 area with the Sun and the Times, said they will further delay its carriage charge review to May.

The company has earlier deferred the review until March.

The move follows Smiths News’ decision last week to suspend any review of its carriage charges until September 2022 in consideration of the impact of pandemic on retailers.

Commenting, Stuart Reddish, NFRN national president said the News UK DTR’s latest announcement is further good news for retailers.

“We are pleased that the company is acknowledging the challenging financial position that many news retailers are currently experiencing and has decided to further delay its review,” he said.

Reddish added that hey hope Menzies Distribution would also follow suit, terming carriage charges as “unfair and illogical.”

“As each year progresses and the charges rise, they become even more damaging to members’ businesses.  At such a difficult time financially for many retailers, any further increases could push yet more newsagents out of business.”