NCSC creates guidance for small businesses to move online

Photo: iStock

With more small businesses taking their operations online, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published advice to support them in the transition.

Businesses are asked to first consider six key questions to identify current risks and areas for improvement as part of the advice, which also offers a series of practical tips and link ups to relevant NCSC guidance published after the coronavirus outbreak.

“In a society that is increasingly reliant on technology, it is vital that businesses of all sizes have effective cyber security systems in place – and the NCSC is here to help,” commented Dr Clare Gardiner, NCSC director for national resilience and strategy.

“Asking the right questions now can go a long way ensuring that organisations are appropriately protected in the future.”

The key questions include:

  • What technology do you use already?
  • Are you using cloud services?
  • Do you have access to IT Support?
  • What cyber security measures do you have in place?
  • Are there any regulations you need to follow?
  • Do you have cyber Insurance?

This new guidance is in addition to the NCSC’s Small Business Guide, and is the latest in a suite of advice to businesses in response to the coronavirus, which includes tips on home working, video teleconferencing, and how to spot email scams linked to the coronavirus.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus the NCSC, which is a part of GCHQ, has also launched the Cyber Aware campaign, with the aim of helping keep the public and organisations safe online.