Mars Wrigley launches tropical, adds bottles to EXTRA Refreshers


Following the launch of EXTRA Refreshers singles in 2020, which were available in Peppermint, Spearmint and Bubblemint, the launch of EXTRA Refreshers in the popular bottle format aims to ensure that consumers have access to their favourite gum whatever the occasion, at home or on the go. Mars Wrigley is also expanding the Refreshers portfolio with a new Tropical flavour to capitalise on the popularity of tropical flavour profiles with younger consumers. Nearly 50 per cent of gum consumption comes from Gen Z, especially fruity gum which over indexes with under 25-year olds and is 51 per cent incremental to the category.

In many markets, chewing gum for fun is a much-loved ritual, and with recent studies revealing 42 per cent of gum consumers said their top reason for chewing gum was to feel relaxed, now is the perfect time to maximise this new occasion in the UK market. EXTRA Refreshers is set to drive penetration through fruity flavours and will enable a better gum experience through its softer chew.

Available from April 2021, EXTRA Refreshers bottle launches at £2.19 RRP in three flavours, Peppermint, Spearmint and new Tropical flavour which also launches in a single pack of seven pieces at £0.59 RRP. The launch of EXTRA Refreshers bottle and Tropical flavour will be supported by in-store and multimedia campaigns featuring in-store displays and bold POS, as well as comprehensive consumer online activation. Additionally, pre-filled counter-top units will be available through selected wholesalers.

“As we have seen, consumer habits evolve constantly, and format can play a key role in these changes,” says Sasha Storey, Senior Brand Manager, EXTRA, at Mars Wrigley. “Whilst individual packs remain essential lines for stores of all sizes, the larger bottle format is set to be one of the bestselling formats of the year. Gum bottle will be driving the growth in 2021 with +1.7 per cent projected growth, so we recommend it is stocked alongside core single packs for maximum sales success. Flavours are also set to grow — especially as we head into summer — so it is very fitting for us to launch bottles with a new tropical flavour and we cannot wait to see the response from shoppers.”