London c-store leads the way in sustainability with refill station

Refill station at LA Foods' Edgware store

A newly fitted store in London has shown a pioneering model in sustainability and zero waste to the convenience sector, adding a refill station to the store.

A first for the experienced Hussain family, who recently launched their 12th store in 3,000 sq ft premises in Edgware, the concept is also new to the local residents.

“This is a community type of store and we just thought we would put something different in there with the refill station and see how people took to it,” said Haroon Hussain, one of the brothers involved in running the family business, LA Foods.

They converted a run-down vacant unit in the middle of a parade of shops for their new store, with a strong focus on fresh produce along with an impressive chilled range. They hope the refill station would complement their offer and act as a real point of difference.

“The store as a whole is a slow burner, and sales will grow steadily over time. We have a great range and are offering shoppers everything they need as well as a few new ideas for them to try,” Haroon said.

Currently selling foodstuff including nuts, grains, seeds, cereal and similar, shoppers have been enquiring about other lines such as cleaning products, which is an area the family may consider in the future.

“It seems to be a big hit and is certainly a talking point. It is perhaps a bit of an unusual concept for the type of demographic we’re serving but I think once our customers get used to the idea it will really take off,” he said.

Victoria Lockie, head of retail at Nisa, commented: “We work hard to ensure our approach meets the diverse requirements of all stores, having the solutions and options to hand and utilising recommended suppliers via our format and development team.

“It is fantastic to see Haroon and the family expanding their estate. LA Foods is a really progressive Nisa key account who we are very proud to partner.”