KTC launches Halal certified beef dripping


KTC Edibles Ltd, Britain’s largest independent manufacturer and distributor of edible oils, has launched a Halal Certified Beef Dripping – making it the first of its kind available in the UK.

KTC Beef Dripping is ideal for all kinds of roasting and frying, adding depth of traditional flavour to a wide range of dishes. It’s an excellent choice for Fish and Chip shop owners who are looking to advance their inclusivity and cater for the Halal market.

This is an exciting development for the oil and fat industry, as it will open up lots of new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to reach a wider demographic and offer a greater choice of menu options to their customers.

Gary Lewis, Chief Commercial Officer at KTC, said, “We’re always looking for innovative ways to be more inclusive and our Halal Certified Beef Dripping has been the perfect way to do this!”

“There’s been a real gap in the market for some time. We’re thrilled that we can meet this demand and be the first UK business to provide a beef dripping solution that delivers on performance and taste.”

KTC Beef Dripping is also available as a standard, non-halal product. With no allergens, additives, GM ingredients or hydrogenated fat – KTC Beef Dripping also has the benefit of being low in trans fats. Ideal for all kinds of roasting and frying, it delivers depth of traditional flavour to a wide range of dishes.

KTC Halal Certified Beef Dripping is the latest addition to the company’s growing range of high quality frying solutions. This includes a selection of sustainably sourced vegetable oils, as well as the popular Super Hi Fry range of high performance frying blends.  

KTC Edibles are created with sustainability in mind, and use responsibly sourced ingredients, including RSPO certified, segregated sustainable palm oil wherever possible. Making environmentally friendly choices is an important priority for the company, and they actively promote sustainable practice across all their suppliers.

Founded in 1972, KTC Edibles employs more than 275 people across two UK sites in Wednesbury and Liverpool. The company supplies more than 250m litres of cooking oils to customers of all sizes across the UK food industry each year. In 2022, all the palm oil supplied by KTC will be RSPO certified sustainable.