Kinder Cards arrives in UK, along with new license for Kinder Surprise eggs


Ferrero has announced the launch of Kinder Cards in the UK this summer, expanding the brand in the biscuit category. In addition, Kinder Surprise, leading kids chocolate confectionery brand, is launching a new license for its Kinder Surprise eggs this September, featuring a range of animals from North America.

Delivering the distinctive milk and cocoa taste the brand is loved for, between two incredibly thin wafers and a surprisingly creamy filling, Kinder Cards come in single-serve packs containing two biscuits, suited for on-the-go consumption.

Expanding Kinder’s presence in store, and with 49 per cent of shoppers visiting the biscuit aisle, the range aims to grab the attention of existing shoppers as well attracting new ones to the brand. The launch also provides shoppers with an ideal treat that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy during afternoon activities.

“Now, more than ever, shoppers have a functional approach to their visits and have a clear idea of the products they need before entering the store. By having products from trusted, well-loved brands, retailers can secure more impulse purchases,” Levi Boorer, customer development director for Ferrero, commented.

“Kinder Cards have been created with this in mind. Thin and individually wrapped, combining the iconic taste of Kinder, these delicious treats are perfect for the family. They are available in both single serve and multipack formats in order to support retailers looking to drive sales for both on-the-go and at-home consumption,catering to changing demand throughout the week.”

The UK launch, which follows successful launches in Ireland, Italy, Germany and France, will be supported by a £1.82m media investment, which includes a TV campaign with the opportunity to reach 4.55 million families through targeted viewing.

Kinder Cards will be first available at the end of July, with the wider rollout taking place through August.

The new Kinder Surprise licence, called Natoons, will be available across both single and multi-pack Kinder Surprise eggs throughout grocery and convenience channels.

“Sparking children’s imaginations has always been at the heart of what we do at Kinder. It’s undeniable that children learn through play, and Kinder has a long history of nurturing their imagination through our extensive range of Kinder Surprise toys,” Boorer said.

There are 16 different Natoons animals to discover, each with realistic features and playabilities. All 16 toys can be scanned by parents looking to unlock a set of activities for their children to complete on the app developed by Kinder, Applaydu.

Boorer continued: “The new free app has been developed to ignite the imagination of children and unite families through play. We know that children grow through play and the app is designed to help children develop fundamental skills including analysis, multitasking, reading and writing, organisation, focus, memory recall and recognition. Thanks to the app’s augmented reality function, families can enjoy the realistic features and motions of the animals in the new Natoons range. We have also introduced a ‘Make your own documentary’ function that allows families to learn all there is to know about their animals.”

The Natoons range will benefit from a £3.2m media spend including a TV advert that focusses on the new range. In addition to this, Natoons will also receive support across multiple channels including BVOD, digital and in-store media.

A dedicated suite of Natoons POS materials will be available to help retailers raise awareness and grow penetration, with digital integration of the materials allowing shoppers to bring the toys to life in store and generate excitement at the point of purchase.