JTI: new value RRP Sterling Essential 50g


Following the budget announcement, JTI is supporting retailers and wholesalers by keeping the Recommended Retail Price low on Sterling Essential Rolling Tobacco 30g, as well as introducing a brand new 50g format to tap into the demand for value RYO products.

Building on the success of the 30g, JTI has announced the new 50g format, which offers the same fantastic RYO quality at a competitive RRP of just £21.20. The launch comes as JTI upholds low RRPs throughout the Sterling Essential range, for both the 30g and 50g formats. The 30g variant currently offers a great value RRP of just £12.95.

JTI’s decision to release this new, larger format of Sterling Essential Rolling Tobacco reflects the increase in demand for value RYO, with the category growing 14.3 per cent year on year and generating annual sales of £3.9 billion. Sterling Rolling is the UK’s fastest-growing RYO brand, showing that the demand for value tobacco continues.

Mirroring the 30g format, Sterling Essential Rolling Tobacco 50g is a less for less alternative, with no filters and papers, providing existing adult smokers the freedom to purchase their preferred tobacco accessories. It also comes in a paper insert pouch packaging which contains less aluminium, and the blend generates less leaf waste compared to other RYO brands due to its unique whole leaf blend.

“With more and more existing adult smokers purchasing value RYO brands over the past year, there has never been a better time to expand the Sterling Essential Rolling Tobacco range into a new format,” said Mark McGuinness, Marketing Vice President at JTI UK. “With the demand for value RYO products a key trend in the market, we want to support our retailers and wholesalers so that they can meet this demand by offering a quality brand with competitive RRPs. We would recommend retailers price the product at the Recommended Retail Price and stock both the 30g and 50g formats to offer choice to customers and make the most of the profit opportunity available.”