JTI enters UK heated tobacco segment with Ploom S


JTI (Japan Tobacco International) launches its new heated tobacco product Ploom S, today.

Sales of heated tobacco products have increased by 270 per cent in the UK over the last 12 months and by 100 per cent since the start of 2020. JTI believes that the time is now right to launch its premium lifestyle “challenger” brand in one of its major markets, to capitalise on this exciting growth.

“The time is right for JTI to enter this exciting growth segment in the UK with a proven product that continues to grow in markets in which we have already launched,” said Dean Gilfillan, General Manager at JTI UK. “Ploom S offers adult smokers the ultimate heated tobacco taste experience and, as the leading Tobacco Company in the market by sales and volume, we are ideally positioned to meet their needs.”

Today’s announcement by JTI follows successful earlier launches in Japan, Russia and Italy, where Ploom has growing market shares: the product offers existing adult smokers an alternative but familiar tobacco experience by heating tobacco instead of burning it.

JTI enumerates the advantages of Ploom over rival vaping and heated tobacco alternatives, as being:

  • Fast heating time;
  • No smoke smell;
  • Minimal mess and cleaning;
  • No puff limit;
  • A heated tobacco blend with two different cuts of tobacco;
  • 20 sticks from a single charge;

JTI decribes the profile of a typical Ploom user is someone who:

  • Enjoys tobacco but wants to choose a new modern heated tobacco product; we believe they will enjoy the enhanced taste and experience that Ploom offers;
  • Wants the convenience of an easy to use product;

The Ploom S device will be sold through Ploom-branded lounges (Argyll Street and Westfield Shopping Centre, London), Ploom pop-up shops, online at www.ploom.co.uk and through Accredited Retailers across London.

Accredited Ploom Retailers will have the opportunity to purchase their supply of devices and tobacco sticks through a dedicated JTI Ploom Specialist or on the new JTI Advance Shop, whilst EVO tobacco sticks will be available for all London retailers to purchase through the same channels as well as most wholesalers within the M25.

To celebrate the launch, a bundle pack including a Ploom S device and 5 packs of EVO tobacco sticks will be available from Accredited Retailer stores and on Ploom.co.uk with an RRP of £39*.

To drive trial and encourage repeat purchase in traditional retail, the Ploom S device and EVO tobacco sticks will also be available for existing adult smokers to try and buy at Ploom Retail Stores across the capital.

“It is predicted that by 2025 there will be nearly one million Ploom users nationwide and that traditional retail will contribute to two thirds (67 per cent) of this volume,” Nick Geens, Head of Reduced Risk Products at JTI, commented. “Ploom provides an exciting opportunity for retailers across the capital to maximise a huge sales opportunity by stocking all four EVO tobacco flavours.”

For more information on Ploom, retailers should visit www.jtiadvance.co.uk/ploom or speak to their local JTI Representative.


* Subject to availability. Retailers are free at all times to sell JTI products at whatever price they choose