Jägermeister unveils film about the movement keeping live events industry alive

(L-R) James Gordon, Nicky Greet, Koy Neminathan and Peter Heath, founding members of We Make Events.

Founders of #WeMakeEvents movement feature in the fourth episode of ‘The Meister Series’, Jägermeister’s project celebrating the mavericks and innovators in the music and events industry.

What started as a single UK campaign, launched in April 2020 in response to the impact of the pandemic on the live events ecosystem, We Make Events ended up growing into a global movement now spanning across 40 countries. Since then, through fundraising, mental health support and campaigning, the organisation has worked tirelessly to keep the music industry alive and support those impacted by the crisis.

Speaking on the episode, Jägermeister’s UK music manager Tom Carson said: “With this campaign, we want to celebrate all the behind-the-scenes professionals who have found their careers and livelihoods suddenly halted. This is a tribute to their essential work and contribution to the music world we love so much. #WeMakeEvents’ dedication to support and keep alive the events industry has been remarkable, an industry so close to our hearts and in which Jägermeister Musik is deeply rooted.”

In this fourth episode, Founders and Board Members of #WeMakeEvents – Nicky Greet and Peter Heath from PLASA, Koy Neminathan from Avolites and James Gordon from Audiotonix – join Jägermeister in a conversation about the origins and work behind the movement.

We Make Events said: “The latest ‘Meister Series’ episode by Jägermeister is a beautiful piece of work and it’s an honour for #WeMakeEvents to be involved in such a great project. This episode plots our development from April 2020 when six of us decided to start a campaign to help the businesses and people in the live events supply chain, up to today, now with 40 countries aligned in a global movement.”

As a way to support the industry even further, Jägermeister created the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative to support every side of the nightlife community: artists, creatives and bartenders whose livelihoods have been impacted by the crisis, and those who would normally be in clubs and bars every week, hanging out with friends. The initiative consists of a mix of donations, micro-fundings, creative online entertainments such as ‘Meister Drop-Ins’ or ‘Meister Classes’ and support of partner activities.