Horizon: CCRC refers six more Post Office cases

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(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) Monday announced the referrals of six further Post Office applicants in cases related to the Horizon scandal.

The cases of Mohammed Aslam, Amanda Barber, Norman Barber, Anthony Gant, Balbir Grewal and David Hughes will be heard at Southwark Crown Court at a date yet to be confirmed.

This takes the total number of Post Office referrals made by the CCRC to 57, out of which 47 convictions have been quashed. A total of 59 convictions have been overturned so far, including those who have gone to the Court of Appeal directly.

These cases have been referred on the basis of an abuse of process argument concerning issues with the Post Office’s Horizon computer system which may have had an impact on the safety of the convictions.

All six applicants had pleaded guilty to offences in the magistrates’ court and as a result were prevented from appealing to the Crown Court in the usual way. The CCRC has decided that this amounts to “exceptional circumstances” that allow it to refer the cases despite the lack of earlier appeals.

One further referral to the Court of Appeal has yet to be heard and the CCRC currently has around 30 further Post Office cases under review.

Besides, many people have lodged appeals directly with the Court of Appeal. The Post Office has also written to over 500 people whose convictions may be affected.