Highland Spring creates limited-edition journal


Highland Spring sparkling water has teamed up with bespoke journal designer Love Is My Protest and Glasgow-based positivity artist Katie Smith, to create the Uplift Your Everyday journal.

The limited-edition daily wellness diary has been designed to meet the increasing demand amongst Brits who are actively seeking ways to increase their wellbeing, as shown by Google search data which found that online searches for the term “journaling for beginners” have increased by 125 per cent in the last 12 months.

Data also suggests that the nation is looking to hold on to positivity, with searches for “wellbeing tools” increasing by 40 per cent.

The hardback book has been carefully crafted with the aim of encouraging positive reflection and gratitude and to act as a tool to help people find a natural lift throughout their every day.

Nestled inside the journal are four prints featuring Katie Smith’s beautiful illustrations. There’s also a handy water tracker, and the journal comes with a bottle of natural source sparkling water, so wellness-seekers can keep track of their daily intake.

“With an ever-quickening pace on our everyday lives and external pressures that are out of our control, it’s never been more important for us to take a moment to care for ourselves, and invest in our wellness and wellbeing,” said Mike Buckland, Brand Controller at Highland Spring.

“Our natural source sparkling water can provide a much-needed uplift throughout the day – from a refreshing pick-me-up after the lunchtime slump to a thirst-quenching drink on the daily commute.

Highland Spring’s “Uplift Your Everyday Journal” will retail at £10 and will be exclusively available from loveismyprotest.com/highland-spring.