GripHero launches 100% recycled plastic hand-protection for forecourts

GripHero R100 Cartridge - 100% recycled plastic hand protection

Forecourt hand-protection manufacturer GripHero has announced a new 100% recycled static-safe hand-protection.

Billed as a first for the forecourt and hand-protection sector, the major product breakthrough will help forecourts to significantly cut their annual carbon footprint.

At just 7.22kg of CO2e per 10,000 protectors, GripHero’s ‘R100’ hand-protection cartridges have been independently verified to reduce the carbon footprint of forecourt hand-protection by over 87 per cent piece for piece.

Combined with GripHero’s single item release dispenser mechanism, which prevents blow-outs and clumps of protection being withdrawn, the company said the new product will enable forecourt owners to slash their hand-protection carbon footprint by over 94 per cent.

Oli Yeo, founder and managing director of GripHero

“From the very start, our goal has been to eliminate waste and to provide an alternative which means that forecourts can avoid the hugely negative environmental impact caused by both the manufacture and use of standard gloves,” commented Oli Yeo, founder and managing director of GripHero.

“Cutting waste through a fault-free dispenser, allowing only one item of hand-protection to be withdrawn at a time was our start-point. Today, we have completed the journey through the development of ATEX-Certified hand-protection created from 100% ‘open-loop’ recycled plastics.”

Available now, the product far exceeds the upcoming Single Use Plastics Directive, Yeo added.

“Now, through the use of GripHero’s R100 hand-protection cartridges, forecourt operators can protect their customers from bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, chemicals and foul smelling hands, at the same time as protecting the environment with a near zero hand-protection carbon footprint. We think that represents a great opportunity for forecourts to show customers how they are taking important steps to protect both motorists and the environment at the pump,” he said.