Duo arrested after £2,500 shoplifting spree across Stockton stores

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Two shoplifter have been arrested after a retail crime spree across Stockton.

According to local reports, the individuals, a 35-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, were arrested as a result Cleveland Police officers’ focus on arresting outstanding retail crime offenders. The man was charged with theft of £900 worth of groceries in November and theft of £322 of groceries from Billingham, as well as the theft of a Ninja food grill worth £200 in March.

The woman was charged with theft of two Shark vacuum cleaners worth £400 from the Teesside Park Asda, as well as £250 worth of groceries from Ingleby Barwick Tesco and vodka worth £64 from the site’s nearby petrol station. The duo were both charged with theft of light fittings worth £400 – and are set to appear in court later this month, stated reports.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson has confirmed that a man and woman who attempted to steal over £2,500 from supermarkets in the Stockton area have been charged to appear at court on March 28.

“The man was charged with thefts of £900 worth of groceries on 28th November and a theft of £322 worth of groceries both from Tesco on Leelholme Road in Billingham, and theft of a Ninja food grill worth £200 from Asda, Teesside Retail Park on 6th March,” reports quoted the spokesperson as saying.