Dark Horse takes consumers on a gastronomic adventure


As the temperatures drop and the nights draw in, Dark Horse, the UK’s #1 Premium US wine brand, is ramping up its digital activity by encouraging consumers to challenge their taste-buds and get creative in the kitchen, with a selection of eight recipes from around the world, each matched to a Dark Horse wine from California.

From Japan to Mexico, via India, Australia and France, Dark Horse is taking
consumers on a gastronomic adventure without them having to leave the comfort of
their own homes.

The recipes, which feature on a dedicated webpage, have been developed to encourage experimentation and challenge traditional food and wine pairings, with some of the exotic pairings created by foodie Instagram influencers.

Dark Horse Malbec, the #2 contributor to growth in the premium Malbec category, is
an unexpected accompaniment to sushi, whilst award-winning Dark Horse Cabernet
Sauvignon (#1 contributor to growth to the Cabernet category) is paired with
spicy harissa lamb, and Dark Horse Chardonnay (the #2 premium Chardonnay category in the UK, and growing rapidly – up 53% by value in the past 12 months) with a fresh seafood platter, a great option for the festive season.

Dark Horse continues to grow and is now, according to Nielsen Scantrack, the top Premium US Wine brand in the UK, with revenues up by 47 per cent, and 68 per cent of growth incremental to the still wine category.

Dark Horse wines are available nationwide.

Dark Horse Red and White wines – RRP £8.50, Dark Horse Rosé – RRP £8