Costcutter Supermarket Group applauds outstanding performance of Co-Op Own Brand

    Costcutter Supermarket Group applauds outstanding performance of Co-Op Own Brand
    The Costcutter in Ashford store is now seeing more regular customers thanks to their Co-Op Own Brand products

    Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) retailers have shared how the strength of Co-op Own Brand products have helped them win over shoppers during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Retailers have hailed how the supermarket’s self-branded products have provided a key element to their retail offer and boosted shopper basket spend.

    Costcutter is now offering an incentive to new retailers joining the group with £1,000 of free Co-op Own Brand products for those who sign up and commence trading before 31 August 2020.

    Jamie Davison, business development director for Costcutter, said: “Throughout the COVID crisis, our retailers have seen new shoppers flock to their stores and keep coming back. “

    Time and time again, they tell us that the availability of Co-op Own Brand products is key to that success and has been a major driver for basket spend increases.”

    He added: “It is a trusted brand, known for the quality of its products and with 2,000 available SKUs in our range, it is helping our retailers converting new shoppers into regular customers.”

    “By avoiding the larger supermarkets, shoppers have discovered the benefits of shopping in smaller stores and seen they can cater for a full daily shop – with great quality ranges, especially in fresh and chilled categories.”

    Retailers have shared stories of major basket spend increases and improved margins on the Group’s recently redesigned website:

    Suresh Arulanantham, Costcutter Gladstone Road, Ashford, store owner said: “Half the people who’ve started to come to us didn’t know we stock Co-op products, especially our large chilled range. Now they know they keep coming back. They’re regulars now.”

    Hardeep Chahal, Costcutter Wallasey, Wirral, store owner adds: “We tell the stock picker to choose the Co-op branded products, because not only will it save our shoppers money, but there’s also a better margin on those for us.”

    And brothers Harmeet and Guljeet Bajaj, Costcutter Thatcham and Tilehurst, Reading, store owners said: “People know the quality of Co-op Own Brand products and so, because it has products in every category – alcohol, medication, groceries – they can trust whatever they buy.”