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    Campari joins the Portman Group

    Campari joins the Portman Group

    The Portman Group, the social responsibility and regulatory body for alcohol in the UK, has confirmed that Italian liqueur brand Campari UK has become their newest member.

    The Italian liqueur brand is the fifth brand to join this year, bringing total membership to thirteen.

    Founded in 1860, The Campari Group has a portfolio of over 50 major brands in the premium and super premium sectors and distributes to over 190 nations around the world.

    Brad Madigan managing director at Campari UK commented: “We are committed to social responsibility with 100% of ATL communications containing a responsible consumption message, we also ensure all promotion at our events centres around responsible drinking.

    “Joining the Portman Group is the logical next step for us to build on our responsible practices, which also encapsulate how we treat our employees and how we give back to the environment.

    “We believe that if you value an internationally recognised gold standard self-regulatory model then it is up to the industry to step up to support the system.”

    Chief executive of the Portman Group John Timothy said: “We are pleased to have Campari UK join the Portman Group as yet another new member this year. Their support will allow us to keep working hard in our aims of showing the alcohol industry to be effectively self-regulated and socially responsible.

    “Now more than ever, we need support from the industry’s most reputable companies to help us shape the conversation surrounding alcohol. We encourage producers and retailers, both large and small, to talk to us about how they can play their part in engaging with the key policy challenges and aid us in telling the story of this socially responsible sector.”