Camden Town Brewery teams up with grime legend, Jammer


Launching today, Camden Town Brewery is inviting beer drinkers back into its illustrated beer world for its biggest ATL campaign EVER!

Running nationally over 21 weeks, the longest time a Camden advert has been on air, the new ATL will be challenging beer lovers to look beyond their “usual” and order a fresh pint of Camden Hells, Pale Ale or IPA, three of Camden Town Brewery’s core beers.

The latest ad campaign from the North London based brewery takes place in the mega colourful Camden beer world. It depicts the journey of a pub goer, voiced by comedian Sarah Levine, who is sucked into the illustrated brewery as they weigh up “the usual other one” versus the “fresher than Hells one” – surely it’s a no brainer?

The storyline unfolds as a talking river of beer, voiced by UK grime icon Jammer, takes our pub goer on a full brewery tour to show off just how fresh Camden beer is. From the squeaky clean beer tanks to the ice cold kegs, the talking beer river finally returns our drinker to the pub so they can make the fresher choice with a FRESH pint of Camden beer.

“Illustration and design has always been at the heart of Camden, and that’s why we wanted to create an illustrated beer world to let viewers experience Camden Town Brewery in a fun, friendly and playful way,” said Fred Nesbitt, Head of Marketing at Camden Town Brewery. “Having brought fame to our Hells Lager with our previous ATL campaigns, as a craft brewery we’re excited to show off our brewing creds by featuring more of our core range with our Pale Ale and IPA making their first appearances.

“So, beer lovers, get creative with your ordering and make the fresher choice. We know you want to.”

Camden Town Brewery’s latest ATL campaign will run nationally from Monday 3 April through to October across TV, BVOD, YouTube, digital and social in the longest running ATL campaign from the brand.