Brewdog releases limited IPA helping homeless dogs; inspired by Ricky Gervais


Scottish craft brewers Brewdog has released an exclusive IPA in collaboration with two charities that help rehome dogs.

Named Street Dog IPA, the limited-edition flavour will be available in 12 packs of 330ml cans for £19.95.

Each can will display an advert of a pooch seeking a new home, with all profits made going towards Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter.
The latest beer design was inspired by a comedian Ricky Gervais, following a video posted on Twitter in July.

He said: “Dogs make me happy. Beer makes me happy. A beer that saves dogs makes me VERY happy.”

““I keep getting these things, right, like proper mental money to do endorsed tweets.

“I’d heard about it, like the Kardashians get £20,000 for sitting on a bench saying “ooh, I love this new chocolate bar.

“And I’ve been offered that sort of thing, and I’ve always said no because it’s sort of embarrassing. I want myself to be real.

“I don’t mind doing an advert, when everyone knows “oh he got paid to do an advert” that’s the game. But if I’m tweeting it, anyway, I said no.
“But maybe I should just say to companies why don’t just be honest, like BrewDog, I love BrewDog now give some money to charity, don’t give it to me, give it straight to charity – why don’t we just do that?”

In response to post, Brewdog co-founder James Watt said: “We didn’t have to pay for this publicity so we donated money to these charities instead: NOWZAD, All Dogs Matter, Animals Asia and Paws2RescueUK.”

He added: “At BrewDog we are always looking for ways to use our business to do good. When Ricky tweeted us with a genuine endorsement for Punk IPA, we wanted to use our platform to donate to causes he’s passionate about.

“We then decided to take it one step further and not only donate the profits from our Street Dog cans, but give our pawsome four legged friends over at Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, space on our cans to help them find forever homes.”

To order a pack of Brwedog’s Street Dog IPA, click here.