Both Bestway and United Wholesale Scotland deny acquisition claim

Dawood Pervez, managing director of Bestway Wholesale

Both Bestway and United Wholesale Scotland have shrugged off media reports claiming that UK’s leading wholesaler is in talks to buy its Scottish rival.

A recent media report has claimed, citing sources close to both companies, that Bestway is set to acquire United Wholesale- a deal that will make it the largest independent wholesaler in Glasgow.

Saying that the latest stage of discussions between two firms happened in recent months, the outlet claimed that Bestway will take over United Wholesale Scotland’s two depots in Glasgow and one in Grangemouth as as a part of the deal.

While Bestway refused to acknowledge the existence of any such deal being in the talks, United Wholesale Scotland has strongly denied any “plans now or in the future” to sell the family-owned business.

“As Scotland’s largest independent wholesaler, we have historically been approached by interested parties – this is not something that is new to us,” spokesperson for United Wholesale Scotland Ltd told Asian Trader.

“We have no plans now or in the future to sell our family-owned business and are fully committed to our customers, suppliers and future growth throughout Scotland, and eventually the UK,” he said.

Bestway boss too shrugged off the media report.

These are simply rumours,” Dawood Pervez, managing director of Bestway, told Asian Trader, when asked to comment on the matter.

Bestway currently has one Batleys depot in Glasgow. Other major wholesalers based in the city include Booker, United Wholesale Grocers and delivered wholesaler Filshill.