Bestway identifies four asymptomatic cases through rapid Covid tests for staff   


Bestway Wholesale said it has implemented Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) available for all its staff who are needed to ensure groceries reach retailers and customers.

Working closely with the local authorities, the rapid antigen test, which gives results within 30 minutes is being offered to staff working out of all depots and office locations, and the company has so far identified four asymptomatic members.

“Following the stats that over 30 per cent of all Covid cases are without symptoms, we identified the local borough councils in close proximity to all our offices and depots and included in our Covid Policy that we have the facility for asymptomatic testing provided by the local councils,” commented Dawood Pervez, managing director for Bestway Wholesale.

“All of our staff are encouraged to be tested at the local Borough Council offices during work time, every two weeks.”

Pervez added that all positive cases detected in the same area and the company has taken a “rigorous policy of self-isolation, cleaning premises, and safeguarding other colleagues.”

Bestway highlighted that the impact of undertaking LFT on the business has been minimal, and Pervez urged other businesses to consider testing.

“By having the tests available and by testing staff on a regular basis we have both been able to maintain a safe working environment for our staff and for our customers to shop in,” he said.

“It is easy, straightforward and gives reassurance and confidence to both workers and customers.  It is another step in our ongoing battle against Covid.”