ACS launches new face covering advice poster


ACS has launched a new poster for retailers to help communicate the new rules on face coverings that come into force later this week.

From Friday July 24th, wearing a face covering will be compulsory in shops in England. The rules do not extend to colleagues in stores, although the Government strongly recommends that colleagues wear a face covering where possible.

There are a number of exemptions for people who are not able to wear a face covering, which are detailed on the poster. These include:

.Those who have a hidden disability or other health condition
.Those who are with someone who relies on lip reading to communicate with them
. Those who cannot wear a face covering safely and consistently (for example children under 11)

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We urge retailers to communicate the exemptions to the rules on face coverings to customers as prominently as possible to minimise the risk of confrontation between customers in store.

“Local shops have done an incredible job throughout the pandemic in adapting to challenges and new procedures in stores, and we are confident that they will continue to do so when the new rules on face coverings come into force.

To download ACS guide to face covering, click here.