ACS issues guidance for c-store owners on fireworks and seasonal products

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ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) is reminding convenience retailers to ensure that they are aware of the rules and guidelines that apply to the sale and storage of fireworks.

Retailers must apply for permission to store fireworks from their local trading standards service or fire authority. If permission to store fireworks is granted, then fireworks can be sold within the following dates:

  • Between 15th October and 10th November
  • Diwali (4th November) and three days prior
  • Between 26th and 31st December
  • First day of Chinese New Year (1st February 2022) and three days prior

ACS has produced Assured Advice Guides to support retailers with ‘Preventing Underage Sales’ and ‘Selling Fireworks’. These guides detail the laws and guidelines regarding the sale of some of the products which may be in high demand over the next few weeks and months.

Adult fireworks should not be sold to anyone under the age of 18, this includes all fireworks, except party poppers, throw downs, caps and novelty matches. ACS recommends that retailers adopt the ‘Challenge 25’ policy when selling fireworks.

Launched today (Oct 11), the Office for Product Safety and Standards’ campaign for the 2021 fireworks season includes guidance on how to purchase and use fireworks responsibly and considerately.

More information is available here

New and existing staff must be properly trained and regularly updated on how to sell fireworks. Further guidance on how to put in place effective policy on preventing underage sales is available as part of the ACS Assured Advice on Preventing Underage Sales.

The Assured Advice Guides are available here.