Zero-sugar addition joins Ribena Sparkling range


Ribena is building on its popular Sparkling range this month with the launch of new Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar to help retailers meet the growing demand for zero sugar choices within the flavoured carbonates category.

Following the success of Ribena Sparkling’s launch in 2020, new Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar features the refreshing taste of a carbonated soft drink in Ribena’s iconic Blackcurrant flavour, without the addition of sugar. Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar will be available in 500ml and 2L bottles meeting shopper needs for both “drink now” and “drink later” formats.

The Ribena Sparkling range has added over £11m to the flavoured carbonates segment since launching in 2020 and is also exempt from high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) restrictions – just like Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I’s other favourite soft drink brands. Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar is an exciting, new must-stock product for retailers, who can be reassured that they can site and sell it anywhere in store.

What’s more, the rest of the Ribena Sparkling range will also have a new refreshed look from September. The updated fresh and modern pack design across the whole range, including Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar, will help the drinks to stand out on shelf to encourage trial and drive additional purchases. The new packs will also showcase reduced-price PMP bottles to help retailers drive value in their range at a time when consumers are price-sensitive.

“We know that zero-sugar drinks are driving growth within the soft drinks category; in fact sugar-free carbonates have grown by 5.2 per cent in the last year due to the fact that at least a third of shoppers want to reduce sugar in their diet,” said Sarah Fleetwood, Head of Ribena at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I. “With the implementation of HFSS regulations on the horizon too, there is a big opportunity for retailers to maximise sales in zero-sugar soft drinks through category favourites and new additions like Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar.

“But we haven’t stopped there! We’re also driving value in the category for retailers with a brand-new design across the Ribena Sparkling range to help them make the most of these popular drinks, as well as reducing the price-marked pack on our bottles too. We know that consumers are especially price-conscious at the moment so this is a move that will really help retailers boost sales even further.”

The latest updates from Ribena Sparkling will be supported by a significant marketing spend, which will see a raft of OOH, PR, social media and in-store marketing roll out across the country to drive mass awareness and help retailers to boost their zero-sugar and fruit carbonate sales.