Wild and Game launches gluten free range


British game meat specialist Wild and Game has introduced a gluten-free range of sausages and burgers for consumers to try.

Six new products include wild boar and apricot sausages and burgers; wild boar, chilli and garlic sausages; venison and cranberry burgers and sausages and finally venison and black pepper sausages.

Founded in 2017, Wild and Game is on a mission to introduce more people to a premium, lean and healthy alternative to factory farmed meats.

Co-founders Michael Cannon and Steve Frampton recognised that game was under-consumed in the UK despite being healthy, low in fat and cholesterol, sustainable and readily available.

Since founding the company, the duo has seen their customer base expand rapidly and won endorsements from leading chefs.

Wild and Game gluten-free wild boar and apricot burgers

The company’s new gluten free products will make it possible for even more people to enjoy British game, with free delivery on orders over £100.

Speaking about their new range, Mr Frampton said: “We pride ourselves on having great recipes that use a high percentage of meat – we don’t pad out our products with grain-based fillers, so producing gluten-free versions was an easy step.

“These new products are for everyone to enjoy, not just people who need to avoid gluten: these are great recipes, most of which offer a delicious combination of game and fruit that works beautifully. I’d urge everyone to try them – we’re really excited about what we have created.”

To see all of Wild and Game’s products, visit: https://www.wildandgame.co.uk/product-category/gluten-free/