Urban Eat tours Freshers’ Fairs with free samples

Urban Eat's sampling campaign at Brunel University

Leading sandwich brand Urban Eat was turning heads and filling stomachs at Brunel University last week as it gave away free lunches to new students at Brunel’s Freshers Fair.

Urban Eat handed out over a whopping 1,800 free samples to the hungry masses at Brunel. Visitors were treated to sandwiches, wraps and pasta pots with meat, veggie and vegan options all on the menu.

As well as Brunel University, Urban Eat has been welcoming new students up and down the country, as it also handed out free lunches and merchandise at Worcester and Salford. The free lunches don’t stop there either, with students at Northumbria, Sussex, Bournemouth and De Montfort all set to get the ‘Urban Eat experience’ over the next few weeks.

“Universities have long been a focus for the Urban Eat brand as it has a strong appeal to the student audience, and we are excited to introduce our range to the new students beginning their university experience up and down the country as we continue our tour of Freshers’ Fairs,” Abigail Ehoff, brand manager at Urban Eat, said.

“We know that once consumers try our products they will come back for more, and with a rich and wide variety on offer at affordable prices, we’re confident that we can continue to cater to all students throughout the year and keep lunchtime exciting.”