Unattended Newcastle convenience store fancies locals

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The discovery of a man-free convenience store filled with emergency supplies on Newcastle’s Grainger Street is going viral on TikTok and has been delighting locals, stated recent reports.

Located just off the Bigg Market on Grainger Street, the store has been serving as a go-to place for people in in Newcastle city centre in the middle of the night and early hours when all the shops are long closed.

The store has several vending machines selling a range of goods, including chewing gum, sweet treats, tissues, dummies, playing cards and fizzy drinks. There is no longer an employee in the store, says local reports.

The 24-hour vending machine store has attracted attention on TikTok, after one Geordie creator discovered the place for the first time.

In the video she asks “Hang on, am I the only one in Newcastle that didn’t know about this? “You can eat mars bars and monster munch to your heart’s content. My mind is blown.”

According to Newcastle City Council, it’s unclear who owns the unit.

However, because it’s located next-door to student accommodation and plenty of lively clubs, it’s likely to be a lucrative spot for the owners, says the local report.