Top Snappy Shopper retailer clocks £1.25m in delivered sales

Saleem Sadiq

Home delivery platform Snappy Shopper said its partner retailers have seen transactions soaring in the last 12 months.

During the year ending on 30 June, over 20 independent retailers have averaged over £500,000 a year in sales with the top retailer achieving delivered sales of more than £1.25 million. There are currently over 900 stores on the Snappy Shopper platform.

“The pandemic did accelerate the use of digital services and when we were all encouraged to stay-at-home it propelled demand for the Snappy Shopper app,” Mike Callachan, chief executive officer of the Snappy Group, said.

“We knew, from our experience before the pandemic, that retailers would continue to be successful once restrictions were relaxed. We are seeing our partner sales continue to grow at a record pace as shoppers do more of their shopping online from their local independent retailer.”

Saleem Sadiq, owner of Spar Renfrew which has made over 20,000 deliveries, concurred.

“Shoppers have learned to live and think differently and that’s why the Snappy Shopper app has been a blessing especially to vulnerable people or those living on their own. We have really engaged with our online community, making sure that when they can’t come to us, we can go to them. We have been there for customers through the whole pandemic journey and our relationship with them has cemented our position in the community,” he said.

“Everyone is getting used to online shopping and we have been doing exceptionally well with the Snappy Shopper app. We have maintained a rhythm of over 250 deliveries a week since lockdown rules were eased and it is all incremental sales. The functionality of the app is great both for retailers and customers. It is very easy to use,” he added.

Callachan noted that home delivery will become an essential factor in the future success of the convenience sector. “Home delivery will enable retailers to compete effectively against the fast-growing dark store operators. With our low commission model, range of services and unrivalled support we are determined to help our partners achieve their delivery potential quickly and future proof their businesses.”