Tesco joins Morrisons in item limit to prevent panic buying

Tesco becomes the second supermarket chain reintroduce an item limit on certain products amid the rising coronavirus cases

Tesco has become the second supermarket chain to reintroduce limits on several items to prevent customers panic buying following further Government restrictions relating to coronavirus.

A three-items per customer limit on a “small number of products” have been placed on popular products including baby wipes, flour, pasta, toilet roll and anti-bacterial wipes.

The move follows after rival supermarket Morrisons announced buying restrictions on certain items due to some shoppers buying in bulk.

A total of 6,604 coronavirus cases was recorded in the UK yesterday (Thursday, 24th September) almost double in the past week.

In Wales three more counties have confirmed local lockdowns today in a bid to prevent Covid-19 spreading to high numbers first recorded in March and April.

Tesco said the decision was made to “ensure that everyone can keep buying what they need.

“We have good availability, with plenty of stock to go round, and we would encourage our customers to shop as normal.”

Morrisons introduced a limit of three items per customer on some ranges on Thursday, including toilet rolls and disinfectant products.

It said stock levels “were good”, but it wanted to “make sure they were available for everyone”.