Supply chain transparency set to dominate consumer demand in 2021


Six in ten global consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from, revealed a new report, predicting transparency to be the top trend for 2021.

The Top Ten Trends report from the food trend specialists Innova Market Insights captures the increased focus on overall health and immunity, with consumers seeking foods and ingredients that support personal health.

“Transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate in 2021, with consumers searching for brands that can build trust, provide authentic and credible products, and create shopper confidence in the current and post-COVID climate,” commented Lu Ann Williams, director of insights and innovation at Innova Market Insights.

The report also predicts that the rising appeal of plant-based food will drive expansion to different regions and categories in 2021, including accelerated demand for new formats, plant proteins and more sophisticated alternatives.

According to the Innova Consumer Survey 2020, the top four reasons for considering plant-based alternatives were health, diet variety, sustainability and taste.

Another trend in spotlight is personalized nutrition as consumers look for food and beverage options that fit their unique lifestyles. The survey showed that 64 per cent of global consumers have found more ways to tailor their life and products to their individual style, beliefs and needs.

As foodservice and retail domains increasingly overlap, and with traditional hospitality getting edged out, particularly with COVID-19, increased home cooking is driving the use of convenient meal kits/starters and more sophisticated ingredients, the report noted.

Immunity-boosting ingredients are expected to play a significant role in the coming year as the ongoing anxiety stemming from COVID-19 will encourage consumers to prioritize their immune health, the report added.

According to the Innova Consumer Survey 2020, six out of ten global consumers are increasingly looking for food and beverage products that support their immune health, with one in three saying that concerns about immune health increased in 2020 over 2019.

“The ever-evolving food and beverage industry has seen a significant consumer push for transparency throughout the supply chain, immunity-boosting products and the use of technology. 2021 is a huge year for opportunities and innovation that meet these needs,” Lu Ann Williams said.