St Pierre Groupe takes the lead as UK’s number-one branded bakery business


St Pierre Groupe, a market leader in international bakery, has taken the top spot as the UK’s number-one branded bakery supplier in terms of MAT Growth % business for the first time following a period of significant growth (branded supplier means excluding its Own Label products from the list)[i].

The Manchester-based business, whose brands include St Pierre, Baker Street and Paul Hollywood, reported a significant increase in sales across all of its portfolio since the beginning of March.

“We are delighted to be the UK’s number one branded bakery business for the first time,” commented Paul Baker, Founder of St Pierre Groupe. “We, like many businesses, have faced challenges over the past three months. However, with an entrepreneurial approach, combined with an adaptable supply chain and dedicated team, our business and brands have continued to thrive despite these unprecedented times.

“Demand for our brands grew phenomenally during lockdown, which we believe is due to consumers seeking out comforting, good quality, versatile, convenient and good value foods.”

As a result, St Pierre, Baker Street and Paul Hollywood are now all in the top five fastest growing large bakery brands in the UKi.

“Whilst restrictions are beginning to ease, we envisage the high demand for bread and bakery will continue and we look forward to being able to supply the nation’s households with quality bread and bakery products for years to come,” Baker added.

St Pierre Groupe supplies European bakery products into the UK, Ireland and worldwide export markets via the multiple, convenience and wholesale channels. St Pierre, Baker Street and Paul Hollywood are currently growing by 21 per cent, 19 per cent and 59 per cent in value sales year on year respectivelyi.

iNielsen multiple grocery sales data for the UK’s Top 10 Branded Bakery Supplier (52 w/e May 2020)