Shoppers moving away from convenience to tackle high prices: Lumina

Pic by JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Proportion of convenience shoppers fell -3ppts in the 12 weeks ending Sept 18 down to 62 per cent of UK shoppers shopping in convenience, according to the latest Lumina Intelligence Convenience Tracking Programme, which highlights the impact of the rising cost of living and record high food prices.

Shoppers are purchasing from larger supermarkets or discounters instead to navigate less disposable income. Average spend has fallen -7.32 per cent down to £6.58 however basket size remained the same at 2.7 items as consumers start to trade down and opt for less expensive items.

The Planned Top Up mission (i.e. planned to buy a few items) has started to decline by 1 ppt over the last quarter. The Food to Go mission has increased however in recent weeks it suffered a decline of -4.6ppts in a week showing initial indications that shoppers are starting to prepare more food in the home, stated the report.

The Convenience Tracking Programme has shown shoppers are purchasing on impulse less this quarter (-1ppt). Temptation is less of an influence (-1ppt) as shoppers prioritise buying essential grocery items to reduce their discretionary spending. Purchasing on promotion and PMP has also decreased linked to shoppers reducing top up purchases including chilled foods & bakery products.

Coop and Tesco Express continue as the top two retailers this period, growing +2.1ppts and +0.5ppts respectively. Co-op attracted 27.3 per cent share of the market with Tesco capturing 14.6 per cent.  Co-op introduced a sweet and savoury picnic range this summer which included Loaded Blondies and Nduja Sausage Rolls, driving sales as more shoppers opt for picnic occasions in the summer weather.