ShopCop scheme to connect Stourport retailers with police

(Photo: West Mercia Police)

West Mercia Police has announced the launch of a new initiative in Stourport providing support to local retailers.

Rolling out on 7 June, the scheme, called ‘ShopCop’, will link local shop owners and staff with local police teams using a messaging service. This will allow them to pass along information and intelligence relating to shoplifters and those committing fraud in shops.

“Shoplifting may seem a low priority to some people, however, much like those other offences, it is intrinsically linked to more serious and dangerous crime such as selling and buying drugs, burglary and assault,” PSCO Andy Stevens, who has driven the scheme from conception to launch, said.

“The cost to retailers is also increased and the scheme will help provide a communication link directly to those officers who know the area best and who will then know who to look out for and challenge.

Stevens added that Safer Neighbourhood Team officers will visit retailers on the scheme every week to offer assurance and discuss any new offences.

“The community in Stourport deserve to live and work safely and this scheme will help us be made aware quickly of crimes when they’re committed and aid us in identifying those responsible so that action can be taken,” he said.

The scheme will be launched officially at the Stourport Civic Centre on June 7 at 2pm.