Salford retailer loses gantry after counterfeit tobacco conviction


Imperial Tobacco said it has removed tobacco gantry from a Salford-based retailer convicted for possession of counterfeit tobacco.

Mr Brooks, of Pendlebury News, Bolton Road will no longer receive any sales support, the company added.

“We are fully supportive of law enforcement agencies in their endeavour to demonstrate that illicit tobacco trade will not be tolerated. It is disruptive to both retailers and its wider community,” commented James Hall, anti-illicit trade manager at Imperial Tobacco UK.

“We applaud Salford Trading Standards for securing this particular conviction, whilst also recognising the wider success Trading Standards authorities are achieving across the UK in the ongoing fight against illegal tobacco.”

A raid by local Trading Standards resulted in Mr Brook’s being ordered to pay total costs of £3,449.60.

Hall informed that Imperial shared with law enforcement over 2100 reports of potential illegal trade activity received through its dedicated anti-illicit trade app, SARA, launched in January 2018.

“We are aware that seizures have been made in premises reported in 176 of these and 126 social media posts have also been removed,” he said.

“With 82 percent of those surveyed in the recent TMA AIT Report saying they are aware of illicit tobacco being sold in the last 12 months but have not reported it, we urge everyone to contact appropriate authorities with concerns of illegal tobacco activity in their locality or speak to their Imperial rep about SARA or phone us directly on 0800-0495992,” he added.