Rich’s adapts retail offering in response to pandemic demand


Rich’s, the UK’s leading supplier of premium bakery products, has announced new projects to help retailers meet the changing shopper behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic

The company has accelerated its project to offer individually wrapped products for retailers to put on shelves in response to the increase in at-home indulgent snacking. Starting with cookies, all products will be available in individual-wrapping.

Rich’s is also expanding its range of thaw & serve cookies in retail-ready bags. The firm said the offering will be ideal for convenience stores without an in-store bakery or those looking to simplify their operations.

“The last few weeks have changed our shopping habits dramatically, with the return of the big shop and consumers rediscovering local stores, as well a surge in snacking and a heightened focus on food safety,” said John Want, marketing director at Rich’s.

“We know there is even more demand amongst consumers for a high quality sweet baked treat and we want to work with our retail partners and out of home operators to make it as easy as possible to bring these to shoppers.”