Retailers to get refresher training in Camelot’s Healthy Play programme


Camelot, operator of the National Lottery, has started the next phase of its ‘Being A Responsible Retailer: Supporting Healthy Play’ retailer training.

Retailers will receive face-to-face refresher training together with a new ‘Supporting Healthy Play’ leaflet outlining some key aspects of the training.

Retailers will also be provided with a sticker to site on terminals, which reminds shop employees about a new ‘Responsible Play’ terminal button.

The button allows retailers to print a pink ticket with details of where support is available.

National Lottery terminals were equipped with the button at the end of last year as part of this initiative.

Alison Gardner, head of corporate responsibility at Camelot, said: “The ‘Supporting Healthy Play’ training is based on academic research, player and retailer feedback, and in-store studies. As part of this, retailers are trained directly by Camelot to look out for signs of problem play and understand what unhealthy play is. Crucially, the initiative enables them to take action by discreetly providing details of where players can find support, should they need it.”